Organizational Feedback

Dive was hired by the company I work for (Broe Real Estate, a private equity real estate firm) to administer DiSC assessments for all company employees and lead workshops to help team members better understand each other’s work styles and personality traits. Jamie is a dynamic presenter with deep knowledge of the DiSC framework. She has a clear passion for helping people be more productive and satisfied in their work. Her presentation was invigorating to the entire team and filled with actionable, practical applications moving forward (an important outcome for “C’s” like me). I highly recommend Dive’s services to your organization, whether its a large public company or small non-profit group- you will not be disappointed.

Brian Cornell
I came back feeling pumped and energized to work after our session. Thank you!
Sarah, Workshop Participant
This class was wonderful because it kept me intrigued. My mind tends to wander, but it didn’t in this class. Great class!
Melinda, Workshop Participant
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Jamie provided something for my graduate students that I don’t think I could have achieved in the same amount of time. She related to them, she earned their trust and provided them tools and strategies that now allow them to be confident graduate students.

Molly, Graduate Program Advisor
Great instructor. Upbeat, professional, and knowledgeable.
Roger, Workshop Participant

I feel Jamie Cornell’s coaching was a huge success for my employee! I see improvement in her skills and abilities in her supervisory role. Per my employee, “Jamie did not have her own agenda. She listened to my needs and helped me work on them. Jamie is very positive and enthusiastic!”

It is difficult when an employee moves from co-worker, to lead worker, to supervisor and in the future looking to become part of the Management Team. I see this as the path for one of my employees. She is now in the supervisor role and was struggling becoming the leader of her group of employees. We contracted with Jamie to help our employee achieve her vision and goals for the future.

Here are a few areas covered in Jamie’s coaching of our employee:

  • Communication – Better communications and conversations. Scenarios and dialog about having those difficult conversations not only with employees but also with upper management.
  • Give tools to your employees to resolve problems, but don’t take on the problem.
  • Get organized and work more efficiently.
  • Leadership – Lead meetings instead of just participating in the meetings.
  • Overcoming fears.
  • Networking

Jamie has given our employee the added confidence and strength to continue developing her leadership role.

I would highly recommend Jamie Cornell to any organization!

Linda Illum
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My business partner and I own a small start up and have greatly benefited from DIVE LLC’s services. Jamie is not only passionate about what she does, but she is also extremely knowledgeable. Under her test administration and coaching, we were able to learn more about ourselves and each other, which has helped us set our business up for success. Now that we are both aware of our strengths and weaknesses, we are able to create better strategies and practices to help our business and communication flourish. We highly recommend DIVE to companies and individuals looking to move forward in life with a better understanding of themselves and how to relate to the world around them.

Abby Maynard

Jamie is an excellent coach and mentor! As new business owners, my business partner and I wanted to be able to enhance our communication skills with each other as well as with our customers, and to be able to strengthen our partnership to make sure our business was starting out on the very best track possible. After we went through DiSC with Jamie, we were excited and inspired by the things we learned not only about each other but also about ourselves. The information and coaching she gave us is absolutely invaluable, and would be the most important set of tools for any individual, team or company to have to reach their full potential. I am so glad we worked with her to begin our startup journey! I feel much more equipped to work and communicate with any personality or work-style moving forward. I highly recommend enlisting Jamie’s expertise for anyone or any team that wants to move up and forward and not only recognize but capitalize on their full potential.

Robbi Robinson

DIVE LLC provided our staff with an extremely professional and valuable training on workplace styles. We use the information provided on a daily basis. The training was so helpful for our small team to understand how to maximize each other’s strengths and speak a common language about team dynamics. Jamie is a great facilitator as she is energetic and highly caring. We recommend DIVE LLC to anyone looking to improve team effectiveness or simply their self awareness.

Stacy Kolegas Beaugh
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Individual Coaching Feedback

Jamie reviewed and helped me to revamp my resume. I was stuck in between careers and could not figure out how to adjust my resume to help facilitate a career change. Jamie was able to recognize the common skills and strengths that were exposed in my many experiences and not only highlighted them in my resume but helped me to recognize, and therefore articulate them. I highly recommend Jamie. She is efficient, articulate, and her energy helped to fire me up for the job hunt.

Jenny, Educator & Consultant

My resume format and style was dated, it was far too wordy, and probably just plain boring to read! Jamie helped me grab employer’s attention immediately and focus on major highlights in order to stand out from other applicants.

Although I was working with her remotely from overseas, she was extremely responsive by email for all questions that I had. The end result was that I secured a new job as Senior Finance Manager (a promotion)! I was able to secure the position before even meeting the hiring manager in person, and I’m sure that my new polished resume played a large part in my success.

I can’t recommend her highly enough as a resource to help you STAND OUT from the crowd and get your dream job!

Alan, Account Finance Manager
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I was struggling to develop a personal brand to support my launch into consulting and was faced with building collateral like a personal biography. Having never written one before and feeling a bit out of my realm, I looked to Jamie for support. She coached me thru the process with a practical tips towards writing a knock-out bio. Not only that but Jamie was the champion in my corner to ensure that the bio was personal and reflected the qualities that make me, me! I was impressed with how she really “got me”. She brought an intuitive style to her coaching and truly understood my unique talents. With Jamie’s encouragement I was able to turn around a fantastic bio in a day’s time with a couple of rounds of review/feedback. My brand is growing and my bio rocks. I highly recommend Jamie’s services and will definitely seek her out again for help with my next professional challenge.

Anne, Consultant

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