Time Management: It’s NOT About Time

I’m often facilitating a group class or meeting with a coaching client when the beautiful topic of “Time Management” comes up. It came up just last week:  A group had the same set of questions and wanted answers. “What do I do if I’m constantly interrupted?” “How can I handle my work if I don’t

Objectivity & Quality: Valuing of the Cynic in Your Life

Do you find yourself frustrated with a person who appears to be over-analytical, too process oriented, or possibly too critical of your ideas? Here are a few strategies to help you see these people as valuable contributors and learn to work better with them.

Take it Easy On Yourself, Boss

Do you have a habit of expecting a bit too much from yourself? Maybe you tend to beat yourself up over your lack of accomplishments at work or home. I do - way too often. If this is the case- you should make a shift and ease up on yourself by becoming your own boss.