Bring Out the Worst – Change for the Better

How in the world will we come together and move past the election of 2016? Some key thoughts when thinking of reaching out to those who have different views on who should be president.

Speak Up When It’s the Toughest

The terms "pushy" or "assertive" often get a bad wrap, and that is not always the case. It's crucial for us to speak up in our personal and professional lives when we feel something we believe in might be compromised. Others are just waiting to hear from you.

The Value in Following

Yesterday I attempted mountain biking for the second time in my life, and I didn't completely freak out.  I realized it was all because I followed someone. When I tried it the first time 4 years ago, I did it alone... and I definitely freaked out.  I like trying new things alone, and I adore