• INCREASE SELF-AWARENESS:  Dig deeper into your personality, strengths and triggers to become more effective & influential

  • GET UN-STUCK:  Gain motivation to launch yourself into the next stage of your life – personal or professional

  • IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS:  Learn to be even more successful with your communication and interactions with coworkers and family members.

  • FIND CLARITY:  Get clear with what matters most to you and how to create a future that supports your needs and desires.

  • HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE:  Have an on-demand partner to challenge, support and hold you accountable to do your homework.

Your work and home life should feel somewhat balanced, positive, and satisfying. Being a working mom myself, I understand how difficult it can be to balance your priorities and still feel successful. It is often impossible to fully understand and define what we want and where we want to go.

As your coach, I am your advocate and partner. My focus is YOU, and how to help you overcome your current challenges – whether those challenges are with yourself, other people, or a current situation.

As your coach, it is my responsibility to ask you questions that guide you in discovering the right answers and next steps to address your challenges. What are you struggling most with? What are you missing right now?

We will work together to identify and meet those answers head-on with proven tools and strategies. It is my job to empower you with personal development resources and hold you accountable to head in the right direction – now!

If you are in need of a positive energy boost to take it to the next level, I am those ‘jumper cables’ you have been looking for. I’ll help you move where you want to go with long-term customized coaching packages.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

I utilized Jamie’s individual professional coaching services to help me figure out the next step in my career. She was professional, but also really easy to talk to. She helped me gather my thoughts and come up with a concrete plan to move forward. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a little kick in the pants and some direction.

Neil, Digital Account Manager

My business partner and I own a small start up and have greatly benefited from DIVE LLC’s services. Jamie is not only passionate about what she does, but she is also extremely knowledgeable. Under her test administration and coaching, we were able to learn more about ourselves and each other, which has helped us set our business up for success. Now that we are both aware of our strengths and weaknesses, we are able to create better strategies and practices to help our business and communication flourish. We highly recommend DIVE to companies and individuals looking to move forward in life with a better understanding of themselves and how to relate to the world around them.

Abby, Business Co-Founder

I feel Jamie’s coaching was a huge success for my employee! I see improvement in her skills and abilities in her supervisory role. Per my employee, “Jamie did not have her own agenda. She listened to my needs and helped me work on them. Jamie is very positive and enthusiastic!”

Linda, Human Resources Director

What You Can Accomplish with Coaching


We are all more productive and engaged when we are working within our strengths – both at home and work. Learn how to incorporate yours more into your daily life.

With a personal mission statement, you are able to focus and outline what you want for you and your family’s future. Become clear on the principles and standards that will guide you along the way.

Feeling stuck in your role or organization? Spend time focusing on where you have been, where you are now, and what steps you need to take in order to shift your work life.

Those individuals with high levels of Self Awareness and EQ out-perform those that have not developed the same abilities. Take your social and personal awareness to the next level.


Understand your leadership gaps and how to challenge yourself and grow into a more influential and inspiring leader within your organization.

Learn more about your communication style, how others perceive you, and how to strategically shift your message to different styles and audiences.

Using Wiley’s Everything DiSC Assessments, TalentSmart’s Emotional Intelligence tools, and/or Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0, understand how to maximize your strengths as well as where you need to grow.

Banish the feeling of frantic overwhelm and start strategically planning your days and weeks. Learn how to incorporate simple yet effective habits to change the way you approach and manage your time.

Individual Coaching Packages

Our Coaching Packages are listed below.

Jamie asks for a 3 month commitment to the relationship to help you maximize your outcomes.

3 Month Coaching Package

  • 10% Discount for Skype/Phone Coaching
  • Customized to Your Needs & Specific Goals
  • Integrate Previous Behavioral & Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • 3 Months of Live 1-on-1 Coaching & Support

6 Month Coaching Package

  • 10% Discount for Skype/Phone Coaching
  • Customized to Your Needs & Specific Goals
  • Integrate Previous Behavioral & Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • 6 Months of Live 1-on-1 Coaching & Support

12 Month Coaching Package

  • 10% Discount for Skype/Phone Coaching
  • Customized to Your Needs & Specific Goals
  • Integrate Previous Behavioral & Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • 12 Months of Live 1-on-1 Coaching & Support