How To Get Your Mojo Back

Have you ever felt like you have lost your groove or maybe "off your game?" I have-many times. Here are a few easy steps I've taken that have helped me move forward. Don't let a slump get the best of you!

Choosing to be Grateful…When You Really Don’t Want To Be

What do you do when the good ol' Universe throws a few curve balls your way, and you are trying your hardest to NOT admit defeat? I honestly don't know the best answer, but I'm trying to give one technique a try. This last week's events have varied from terrifying to humorous, and I've tried hard to re-channel my focus to continue to move forward. Bring on the curve balls...

Toddler- Another Version of Your Very Drunk Friend

The other night, I was performing the ridiculous, adorable-yet-annoying nightly bedtime routine for Jumping Bean, who is about 3.5 years old.  Over the course of 15 minutes, she managed to perform the following (in no particular order): Snuggle on me as if I was leaving the country the next day Scream obscenities at me and